The Torc Collective

The torc collective is a group of goldsmiths, silversmiths, jewellers and craftspeople who have been generous in providing advice, comment and help regarding all matters torc. Those we speak with most frequently are listed below, but we would also like to acknowledge and thank the myriad of social media respondees who regularly provide insights into their skilled craft and metalworking activities.


Hamish Bowie is a retired goldsmith, jeweller, writer and lecturer with over sixty years’ experience. Hamish was apprenticed at William Griffith and Son and then trained and lectured at the Birmingham School of Jewellery.

Abigail Brown is a silversmith who trained at Loughborough University School of Art & Design and Edinburgh School of Art. Abigail also teaches silversmithing.

Ann-Marie Carey is Associate Professor in Jewellery at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University (BCU). She trained at Central St Martins, the Royal College of Art, the Birmingham School of Jewellery and the University of Liverpool.

Frank Cooper is Associate Head for Industry and Enterprise and a senior lecturer at the Centre for Digital Design and Manufacturing at the Birmingham School of Jewellery.

Bob Davies is a silversmith, jeweller, pattern maker and sword maker with thirty years’ experience. He trained at the Birmingham School of Jewellery.

Stephen Fisher is a retired silversmith with over sixty years’ experience who trained and lectured at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham and continues his association through attending silversmithing classes.

Giovanna Fregni is an experienced jeweller and metalsmith with a PhD in archaeological metals. She wrote her thesis on metalsmithing tools in the British Bronze Age.

Ford Hallam is a goldsmith who is also trained in the Japanese metalworking tradition. He also teaches and restores and replicates ancient Japanese metalwork artefacts.

Jackie Harold is a silversmith who trained at the Birmingham School of Jewellery. She is making a replica of one of the Leekfrith Iron Age torcs.

Michael Lloyd is a silversmith who specialises in chasing. Michael trained at the Birmingham School of Jewellery and has used refined Scottish gold in his work.

Tess Maching is an archaeologist and archaeological researcher who has worked as a field archaeologist, prehistoric pottery specialist and used to have a research project looking at 17th century fortifications in the Caribbean. She also makes archaeological artefacts in chocolate.

Sally Pointer is a heritage educator who trained in archaeology, ran an education gallery for the National Museum of Wales and now Sally and her partner Gareth Risborough, run their own business making replicas and costume for museums, re-enactment and the media.

Gareth Risborough was an experienced re-enactor and living history specialist. He was a metalworker and has made items for Stonehenge and for other museums worldwide. Sadly, Gareth died in 2021, but his knowledge lives on.

Kurt Rönnkvist is an archaeologist and gold and silversmith who specializes in experimental archaeology and replications. He is also a bronze caster.

Roland Williamson is a museum replica maker and re-enactor of thirty-five years’ experience. He has made commissions for many national and regional museums.

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